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AKA “Dad”

AKA “That Guy”

AKA “Who let That Guy Near the LMS?”

Forty-four years old… depending on when you’re reading this.

Maritimer for life, whether I’m there or not…

I’ve been known to embrace some of the more blatant stereotypes of my origins…

Please look at the menu on the top of this website. This will lead you to some of the other blogs… and both of the podcasts…

At this point, I’ve placed all the posts that reside at this SPECIFIC blog in draft mode. This is mainly because I’m inching closer to ACTUAL PAID EMPLOYMENT AS AN EDUCATOR… for the first time in more than a year… depending on when you’re reading this.

If anybody’s really disappointed, I can add you as a subscriber to this website and then you can sign in and read about the last two or three years anyway… with some posts going back further…

And, in all sincerity, I regret nothing of what I’ve written and shared; especially not the sharing part… and now we close one of the doors… for now!

Lotsa Dr. Matt and Matt the Guy From New Brunswick content on the podcasts… which are bumping along… with no foreseeable end in sight… and the Education blog is going to be moving into higher gear… once one of these jobs that I’m looking at becomes my normal day-to-day once more.

Peace, & I’m looking forward to seeing you down the road!

Yours very sincerely,

Dr. Matt Stranach

On behalf of 506 Consulting, Ltd.

Shout… shout… Let it all out… #tearsforfears

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