Interview #2: Rad Owl

Dudes, I am shocked… I am downright SHOOK… at the radness of our second TNB interview! David Jarnstrom plays drums in Minneapolis post-hardcore supergroup Rad Owl… whose members have collectively played in countless vital, significant bands over the decades… including the likes of Gratitude, Samiam, Marble, The Stereo, and many others! Warning: despite my plan […]

Interview #1: Horse Funeral Band

Our first-ever TNB interview is with Chris Bose of Horse Funeral Band! Chris is a Secwépemc multi-disciplinary artist and musician currently based in Secwepemcúl̓ecw (Kamloops, BC). An independent musician for many decades, Chris’s latest project is Horse Funeral Band which he describes as “three-chord acoustic punk”… which it definitely is… but it is also so […]

Episode 23

Welcome to the one about concept albums! What a concept for an episode, right? *Phew… tough crowd* Anyway, pleased to be having at the clicking! Once upon a bog moon we came up with all of the foregoing! #bogmonstermusic #bogmoon And… you know for sure the episode goes down way better with the requisite YouTube […]

Episode 22

Heey-ya! It’s the spring squidfall episode, don’t you know? Actually, it’s the “Open Format” episode! Wherein Dan learns about a new thing… and I take a deep, random dive into a box of download codes! We are truly in the torrents of spring, friends! Steve Albini would probably hate this podcast! #bogmonstermusic You’ll find the […]

Episode 21

Happy Friday! And if it’s not Friday where & when you are, here’s hoping it’s on its way soonish-like! On this episode, we’re all about female-fronted bands! It’s been a year-and-a-half of this show and so it’s about frigging time, yes? Creeping through an audio jungle… with only an audio machete and our wits to […]

Episode 18

Howdy, and thanks for joining us!! On this episode of the TNB, we’re all about comedy albums… and that’s no joke!! Waits for applause. And waits… Phew… tough crowd… ANYWHO… far be it for us to deny you links for clicking! And… allow me to say… as somebody who does two podcasts, one of which […]

Episode 19

Folks, it’s Easter Sunday… and I’ll be danged if we’re not getting out at least one more… LONG-GESTATING episode of the TNB… to wit… a much-delayed… or SERIOUSLY FREAKING EARLY… Black History Month special… dealing with black punk… metal… and other heavier guitar-based music!! We are pysched to the exact extent that this episode is […]

Episode 20

Boo-urns, Matt Stranach!! What in the actual feck, Matt S? You prefer Dr. S? Go take a long walk off a short pier! So… due entirely to circumstances owned by me… we’ve had three episodes recorded this long 2024 so far! So… in an act of stunt production… contrition… and RAPID INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN PRACTICES… for […]

Episode Seventeen

Greetings and salutations! We’re glad you’re here for the latest TNB/TTW shenanigans! As we plummet towards the end of the year like pilots ejected from planes and hoping for a safe landing, we thought we’d send you some of our favorite albums from what was a surprisingly(?) solid year for music! Please click below as […]

Episode Sixteen

Come all ye (un-)faithful! Welcome to the first of two “2023 in retrospective” type episodes! In this outing, we’re looking at some of the artists who left this earthly plane over the past fifty one-and-a-half weeks! Please click below as per your preferences! Audio is like video without our handsomeness! #bogmonstermusic Please be sure to […]