Studio Policies & Practices

1.   To our valued and awesome students

First of all, we are so excited to have you taking lessons with us! We hope that your experience is fun, educational, motivating, and inspiring. For all of these things to take place we have a few guidelines to help you reach your full potential.

A.     Bring a positive attitude – Those with a positive (I can do it) attitude will have great success as they pursue their interests and talents with us.

B.     Have fun! End of story! Haha

C.     Don’t stress if you haven’t practiced! – Life happens, my philosophy is that piano lessons should be something to enjoy not stress endlessly over. Simply talk to your teacher if you’re feeling overwhelmed with weekly assignments.

D.    Practice regularly – You will see the best results if you can get a short amount of practice regularly rather than a large amount occasionally. Again, part of learning music is learning to manage your time, practice when you can, and give yourself and break when you need it. The following pattern is helpful … Practice Hard – Have a break – Practice Hard – Have a break, etc.

2.   To our valued parents and adult students

Thank you for supporting our academy. We truly appreciate it as much as we do seeing you and your children improve their skills and talents, this is true success in our books!

3.   A few housekeeping items to help keep things running smoothly for you, your students and our academy.

A.     Please do your best to be 5 min early to lessons if possible. This will help you and/or your students settle into the environment and take a few minutes to ground themselves before their lesson begins. We suggest this with the student’s best interest at heart, we have found over years of experience that when students fly in the door late it takes away from their ability to focus, perform well and soak up information in their lesson.

B.     Where to drive and park?

                i.         Fort Macleod Students/Parents – We live at the end of Orton Rd at the Tolley’s Residence. We are in the green house farthest down the driveway. We would ask that when you come into the property, so as not to bother the Tolley’s, that you use the “long way around” driveway, just turn left just after the cattle guard. Feel free to park in front of the house anywhere… we don’t give out parking tickets.

              ii.         Lethbridge Students/Parents – Lessons will take place at 1405 Waterton Rd South just off of Forestry Avenue at your specified time. Feel free to park just in front of the house if possible if not there is almost always some street parking available somewhere close. Parents don’t feel obligated to stick around if you want to go run an errand while lessons are happening that’s totally cool with us. We also don’t mind if you’d like to sit in on lessons. Whatever floats your boat.

C.     Vacation – As holidays do come up for both teachers and students we would ask that you let us know at least 1 week in advance if you’re going to be away on holidays during the next lesson time.

D.    No shows – We are committed to a specific time each week to have teachers available for students and we expect the same commitment from our students/parents. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT FOR A LESSON PLEASE GIVE US 24-48 HRS NOTICE. SICKNESS WOULD BE THE ONLY EXCEPTION.

               i.         When notice is given within 24-48 hours a make-up lesson “credit” will be given.

              ii.         When NO notice is given there will be NO refund or credit given.

            iii.         Our pricing model reflects 4 lessons/month.

             iv.         Being that there are several months throughout the year that have 5 weeks’ worth of lessons in them we often use the 5th week as a “make up” lesson for any absences or a “credit lesson” that is banked for holidays/future absences. Without any changes to your monthly payment.

              v.         We track payment based on attendance and will be sure to compensate you fairly for the time you pay for with your teacher.

E.     Material/Book/Festival Registration fees etc. – We understand that shopping for supplies and books can be daunting and so we have books and other material/resources on hand to help make the process easier for everyone. We have handpicked these items with value, quantity & quality in mind. Should you decide to go with some of the material we have on hand we will simply add the costs for these items (which we get a 5-15% teacher discount on many of the items) to your next month’s bill.

F.     Payment – We will be offering a few payment options for individuals and families (Paypal, Cash or Etransfer). We only accept PRE-Payment on the 1st or the 15th of the month that lessons are happening (No exceptions). For ex. 4 lessons for the month of May should be paid on the 1st or the 15th of May.

                i.         Paypal – Follow the link on your monthly invoice. (An additional $3 processing fee will be applied in this case.)

              ii.         Etransfer – All E-transfers can be made to (no additional fees).

             iii.         Cash – Paid on the first lesson of the month

             iv.         Cheque – Made out to Ray Ross.

G.     Missed payments – To allow for cash flow to be processed to teachers regularly we will pause lessons if payment is missed or late and will resume once payment has been received in full.

H.    Cancellation of services – Should you want to discontinue lessons/services we ask that you give us 1 month’s notice if at all possible. This will allow for adjustments in scheduling to be made smoothly and for teachers and students to prepare for adjustments in their learning and progression.