Hi there, my name is Ray Ross. I am the owner and instructor here at Prairie Piano Studios. I want to thank you for your interest in my skills as a music educator and hope I can provide you with some valuable information here on my website and potentially in some one on one lessons 🙂

I currently operate in the Lethbridge & Fort Macleod communities.

About Your Teacher

My name is Ray and I’d like to start by thanking each one of my students for the opportunity to be a part of their musical journey. I truly value each of my students and their success at the piano is my ultimate goal. Here are a few facts about me in relation to my qualifications/experience as a piano performer, student & teacher.

  1. I have up to a Gr 10 level RCM training, under the direction/instruction of Masters in piano composition, ARCT – Teacher & ARCT – Performer Jean Ethridge. In other words, I almost finished my diploma with the Royal Conservatory of Music … don’t worry I’ll finish it in the next few years.
  2. I competed in grades 2-9 classically in a festival setting. I was recommended for the regional finalist in piano performance in my Gr 7 piano year and performed at the B.C. provincial music festival that year in Prince Rupert, BC. I had the fortunate opportunity to be adjudicated and educated by many renowned pianists from around the country.
  3. I have studied classical, jazz, funk, and blues piano at the University of Lethbridge with Dr. Deanna Oye (Ph.D. – Piano performance), Dr. Brynn Hughes (Ph.D. – Music Theory), and Dr. Josh Davies (Ph.D. – Trumpet Performance and specializing in Jazz Ensemble).
  4. Finished Grade 2 rudiments in music theory with the Royal Conservatory and I always include theory as a part of my student’s musical training. These are the fundamentals and if you understand theory then you can learn to play literally ANYTHING!
  5. I have taught music successfully for the past 4 yrs. Successfully meaning that my students both past and present have been and are learning and progressing well in their study and acquisition of musical knowledge and skill level at the piano. I am confident in my ability to provide quality music education for all my students regardless of age, background, or skill level. I have a soft spot in my heart for those with disabilities and am totally willing to take on students that struggle with a disability of any kind.
  6. I take this responsibility and opportunity to provide music education to others very seriously and am pleased you have chosen me as your teacher.